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    THE TV

    Anyone who really knows me knows that I am a videophile and a TV fanatic. I always have to have the latest video gadget and the next size big screen TV. This love for TVs started when I was a child. One day our TV broke and my mother had no idea when she would be able to fix it or purchase a new one.

    This was akin to telling one of today’s kids the internet is down and will stay that way indefinitely.  While in school all of the kids were talking about the latest TV shows, particularly my favorite: Batman. It seemed that the week our TV blew out, the Green Hornet and Kato (Bruce Lee!) were scheduled to appear on Batman!

    I went home, morose and despondent and my mother asked me what was wrong. I mumbled with soul searing agony, “I want to see Batman!”  I half expected my mother to chide me about such foolishness, but instead she gave me a look that told me she totally sympathized with my plight—a look that made me think she would cry with me.

    Anyway, the next day there were flyers all over the neighborhood that the local Masonic Temple was having a raffle and the first prize was a nineteen inch color television!! My mother bought one ticket and told all of us she was going to win the television.  She had us clear off a spot for the TV to sit on. She made us sit in front of the empty table and envision the TV there.  Every day she dusted the empty table off and forbade us to sit anything on top of it. She kept reminding us that we would have a brand new color TV in just a few days.

    The excitement built and secretly I was worried about the disappointment of losing, but my mother would hear none of it. Finally the day of the raffle came. My mother ordered my brother Darryl to get his coat and the shopping cart to carry the TV back. She had the rest of us sit in front of the empty table and she promised us in just a few moments we would be watching television.

    When she left I told the rest of my siblings not to make a big deal of it if she came back empty handed. I was really proud of her just taking so much of an interest and it really was fun pretending the TV was there (well, sometimes it was…I really wanted to see Batman).

    About a half hour later there was this ferocious banging on the door and the bell rang like crazy. I ran and opened the door and there was my brother Darryl telling me to help with the TV! She had won!!!

    I ran outside and there was this tremendous box sitting precariously on top of the shopping cart. All of us managed to carry it inside.  I could hardly believe it! We actually had a new TV!

    My mother strutted in the house and just as proud as a peacock told us what happened.  When she got there for the drawing they picked my brother to pull out the winning ticket. He stuck his hand in the bowl and pulled out my mother’s ticket. Someone yelled foul that it was set up, since he pulled out our ticket so they had him do it again. This time they swirled the tickets around mixing them up. My brother stuck his hand in the bowl and pulled the ticket out again!

    At this point my mother ordered them to give her the damned TV so she can get home. They carried the box out and off they went.

    Words really can’t convey the excitement or the awe I felt that night. It taught me a precious and treasured lesson about faith, positive thinking, and the tremendous power of prayer. To this day whenever I purchase a new TV this story comes to mind and although my mother has gone on to her reward 33 years this November this is one story that shall always stay with me.

    Welcome to my New Website!

    I want to start this blog out with a short story I wrote some time back.
    Feel free to comment. I will be updating this blog weekly with anecdotes, stories, thoughts and other myriad modes of mayhem!!!

    I’VE TAKEN A LOVER by Gregory Townes

    She sits at the foot of her bed, her blouse soaked in tears. The air in the room is hot, heavy with sadness. She has never been in pain like this before. It is a tearing of spirit that refuses to be assuaged.

    “He doesn’t deserve you,” the man says to her. He sits across the room, his arms stretched out for her to come to him, but she refuses. He has sat there all night trying to talk to her, but her tears keep flowing. Nothing he has said has penetrated her pain.

    “You don’t know him! He is a good man! I want him back!” she gasps, rocking back and forth. The words come out garbled, thick with phlegm and tears.

    “He does not want you, but I do. Come with me and forget him. Why torture yourself like this when you have someone who truly loves you?”

    “But I don’t want you! I want him!” she moans. The tears continue in abundance and she cannot catch her breath. All that matters is the man who left her. She has wracked her brain trying to figure out what she did wrong. How could he not see how much she loves him? How could he be so cold and cruel to return a love so pure with infidelity?

    “I may not have his money or fancy charm…I know you don’t see me as handsome as you see him, but…” the man hesitates, choosing his words carefully, “but I do have something he will never have. I have a heart that beats only for you. I would never hurt you in this way. The love you feel for him should be mine. I am here to earn it, to treasure it. You only need to open your eyes and your heart. I am here for you.”

    She continues to sob uncontrollably. The man patiently watches her. She is in such turmoil that nothing seems to matter anymore. The cursed memory of walking in and finding him with that bitch, doing things that she would have sworn he would have only done with her plays itself over and over in her mind’s eye. More tears now as she remembers the look on his face, the love in his eyes directed toward another woman.

    “How could he?” she gasps. “How could he betray me like this?”

    “Because he sees you as just another woman, another notch in his belt; he never truly loved you. But I do. I love you and I want you to come with me. Leave this forsaken room, come with me.”

    “Why should I?” she seethes. “You will do me the same way! You will get what you want and then do me the same way! Do you have any idea what I sacrificed for that man? What I went through to show him how much I love him?”

    “I could never hurt you,” he says softly. “I would treat you like a queen forever. I know what you gave up for that man, and it is just more proof of how undeserving he is to have so much of your heart. If you gave me but a tenth of the love you’ve given him I would be happy.”

    “But I don’t love you! I don’t see you the way I see him! I would not be true to you or myself if I went with you!”

    “If you just let me show you how much I truly I love you, in time you would reciprocate. It is love’s nature to reproduce itself. You only need to understand that I really do love you. I know you don’t find me attractive, and I will not force myself upon you. As happy as I am to be with you now, it hurts me to see you in such distress over someone so unworthy. Let me prove my love for you. There is no reason for you to feel this type of pain over a man who could not care less about you. I love you.”

    The tears will not stop and she wishes this wretched night could somehow be nothing more than a nightmare. How could he have done this to her? How could the man who she swore was her soul mate desecrate the sacred bond she felt with him? The pain reaches deep into the marrow of her bones and there is no way to shut it out.

    “How could he?” she cries again, not expecting an answer.

    “Because he is a fool; you gave him your love, your body and your mind. Any man worth the salt in his blood would have looked upon this as the ultimate blessing from an overly generous creator. This man took it for granted. Had you given me this wondrous gift I would treasure it for all eternity. I love you.”

    “Stop saying that; I don’t want your love! I want his!”

    “But you have mine. Am I truly so hideous to you? Is my lack of his physical attributes really so important? True love cannot be based on such trivial things. The body grows old, sinews wither and outer beauty fades, but true love glows eternal.”

    “I remember when he said such pretty things to me. I remember him holding me in his arms and looking deep into my eyes, swearing he would never leave me. And then I walked in and found him deep inside a woman I trusted, telling her the same thing.”

    “Because he lacks the intelligence to see what I see before me; there is no need for you to be this sad. Come with me; let me comfort you. Forget him.”

    “He will return to me. He’ll grow tired of her and he’ll come back to me!”

    “We both know that will not happen. He will grow tired of her, true, but he has already grown tired of you.  He will simply move on to another woman.”

    She sighs deeply, letting herself realize the truth of his words. The pain will not dim. The tears will not stop flowing. The image of him panting heavily grinding into another woman will not leave her mind. She doesn’t remember how long she stood there, rooted to the spot watching them. The shock of it numbed her so that she couldn’t catch her breath. She watched him pull the woman’s leg up and thrust harder and harder. The room reeked of raw sex and the tang of the woman’s perfume.

    She was surprised by her first reaction as she stood silently watching the only man she ever loved writhing in contorted bliss with another woman. The beating of her heart was drowned by their blissful moans.  Finally she left in a daze and now she finds herself crying in her bed, with a man telling her he loves her.

    “Come with me,” he whispers. “And you shall know sorrow no more.”

    She exhales in defeat and merely nods. The man crosses the room and sits beside her. “You have made a wondrously wise choice. In time you shall forget this fool and his broken promises.” He caresses her hair and she shivers from his cool touch.

    “If I am to leave with you, let me leave a note just in case he decides to return.”

    “Very well,” the man replies. “But he shall never be able to take you from me.”

    She wipes her eyes and retrieves the writing pad from her nightstand. Her hand shakes, but he gently holds it steady as she writes.

    The man embraces her.

    If you should find this note, know that I have taken a lover who has sworn never to leave me as you did.

    His name is DEATH…