I’VE TAKEN A LOVER She sits at the foot of her bed, her blouse soaked in tears. The air in the room is hot, heavy with sadness. She has never been in pain like this before. It is a tearing of spirit that refuses to be assuaged.  “He doesn’t deserve you,” the man says to Read more

                                                                THE TV Anyone who really knows me knows that I am a videophile and a TV fanatic. I always have to have the latest video gadget and the next size big screen TV. This love for TVs started when I was a child. One day our TV broke and my mother had no idea Read more

THE CHOCOLATE CAKE One of my most treasured memories of growing up was my mother teaching my siblings and I Bible Stories. One particular afternoon we were discussing the Genesis story of Adam and Eve and how they were banished from paradise for not obeying. Me being the eldest and most outspoken asked, “Well, Mommy; Read more